How I spend my time in Spain.

In October 2017, I had one of my first proper holidays abroad. I and my family went to Piles, Valencia, region near Gandia in Spain. We visited my Parents’ friend, who lives in a house in Spanish countryside less than 10 minutes walk away from the Mediterranean sea. Around the house were fields of mandarin trees and on the way to the beach you could have plucked off a banana from a banana tree. There was also a little restaurant called Placebo next to the sea where there were delicious food and refreshing drinks. In the post, I write about the things I did in Spain.

My first blog post, here we go!


What did I do in Piles?

I was in Piles for two weeks and most of my time was spent lying on my back in the sea. The weather was exceeding the 25 degrees Celsius mark and it did not feel like it was October. The sea temperature was 20 degrees. I could not believe that I would be able to enjoy a swim at this time of the year. The official tourist season ends in September but we went in October when its off-season. For us, it was like arriving in the middle of the summer.

I explored the coast by walking up the coast for few kilometres and then walking down the beach to the sea wall. I took many photos of the sea with my camera and the lighting was unusual. It was interesting because of the shadows the light made on the coast. As you can see in the photo the bottom of the beach is darker and upper part is lighter. I have never seen this contrast in Baltic Sea where I was born.

190.jpgWe also went to a restaurant, next to the sea on a hot day to have some drinks. Our waitress could speak three languages (Romanian, English and of course Spanish)  we were able to order drinks for us. I wanted to have mussels and prawns. For the prawns, I had to get rid of the heads and scales and they were exceptionally tasty. The service was quick and we had a good time at that place. Speaking of food, I also tried Octopus. I can’t describe the taste of octopus because it has its own distinctive taste which can’t be compared to other food. We also ate homemade gazpacho with eggs and cucumber. I must say, I enjoyed the weather and the food and I definitely want to return.


The house where we stayed was surrounded by mandarin fields and I was able to walk in the field and take some home to eat. This was my first time eating a fresh mandarin from a bush and they can’t be compared with a mandarin that we buy in a supermarket here in the UK. I also spotted a banana tree and my mum cut it down and we packed it into our suitcase. Luckily, we were able to bring it through security!


We explored other cities near Piles. The city that we went to is called Oliva. We went to the mountain which is located on the side of the city which provides beautiful views of the whole city. I was able to walk around at the top and the views were fantastic in every direction. The location is called Castell de Santa Anna.

How did I get to Piles?

From Valencia Airport we used the metro system to North Station or in Spanish-Estacio del Nord. From the station, we bought tickets to Gandia. From Gandia’s train station my parents’ friend picked us up and we drove to Piles. From Valencia to Gandia is 80km and from Gandia to Piles approximately 20 km. The journey is fast, quiet and relaxable. The train goes between mountains on one side and the sea on the other. There are also buses from Gandia to Piles which are very cheap because the public transport in Spain is relatively not expensive compared to other countries in Europe.

To all of my friendly readers, I warmly recommend you to visit this region and you won’t be disappointed!


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